Jean-Luc Mirande




He studied in the Paris conservatory, in the 9th district (Max Fournel) and attended workshops at the Actors Studio of Jack Waltzer , lessons of vocal and behavioral technique (Michelle Agsène) and was also coached by Monique Artur. He is a beautiful person and a beautiful soul. With his unusual sense of humor, he is able to evolve greatly in any kind of genre, whether it is drama or comedy, he completely gets into every role he is given.

He last played in C’est comme ça, directed by J.F Villemer and Point & Shoot from Mitchell R.Parnes. He also participated in a music show called On achève bien les chevaux ( They shoot horses, don’t they?), directed by Robert Hussein and based on the novel of Horace Mccoy and in the play Le Gardien (The Caretaker) from Harold Pinter, directed by Hugo Ferrera. He starred in another play called Docteur…soyez patient directed by Gilles Crepel and finally in the movie 19 from Antonio Petrone. He is also an artistic director and he organizes different kind of shows during the cultural season, for example plays and other private professional events. His work as an artistic director enables him to work with varied sectors, such as management and staff management. He also negotiates contracts, and is in charge of the communication strategy and the recruiting process.


Jean-Luc Mirande