Frédérique Dupré




She started her career taking drama classes, taught by Oscar Sisto, then she starred in several short and medium-length movies. She also starred in very popular French series such as Sous le soleil or Le juge est une femme as well as Les amours secrètes , a film by Franck Phélizon in which she plays one of the main roles next to Anémone and Richard Bohringer. The premiere of this movie was presented at the Mons International Love Film Festival. She recently made a pilot of a series for France Télévisions, a national French television broadcaster. It is called Hier c’était hier , and the series is very modern, comical and refreshing. Her career path is definitely focused on the intensity of the characters she chooses to play. In the film Éloïse, she plays Claire, a woman who has no reason to be unhappy, with a loving husband, money, a nice house and her daughter Eloïse that she loves more than anything. In other words, a life many of us could dream of.. But, since the day she came home without her daughter, her life started falling into pieces. Nothing seems to make her smile anymore, and she finds comfort in drinking and darkness. She refuses any kind of help and her life becomes meaningless. Life didn’t go easy on Claire. Her life goes on after the abduction of her daughter, but she isn’t able to prevent the following downward spiral. “The intensity of the story and its characters, as well as the writing of the screenplay convinced me. I also loved the personality of the director”. She will also star in 19, a second 10-minutes short movie, directed by Antonio Petrone, in which she plays the role of a woman suffering from a mental disease that cannot be cured and that will eventually lead to the destruction of her relationship


19, Éloïse
Frédérique Dupré