Erik Chantry




A few years ago, I met Youssef Sissaoui who offered me a role in the movie Le moine en djellaba. I played the role of Antoine , a fake monk but a real psychic who is manipulated by his secretary Josépha (Léonore Schneider) who also happens to be his lover. Thanks to this movie, I was able to audition for the role of Robin, the main character of the movie C’est comme ça. I was really thrilled about the movie but also worried when I was questioned by a peculiar officer, (played by Dominique Kirchoff ) who was so convincing that for a second, I really thought I was accused of a crime. It was really nice meeting Youssef, Hamid and Jean-François Villemer and the whole technical crew who worked on the shootings. My career is quite traditional, I’ve worked with Francis Huster , the Actors-studio and the Théâtre du Campagnol and played characters that were both powerful and fragile.

When Antonio Petrone offered me the role of Vincent in Éloïse, this touching movie with this beautiful story of this little girl who disappears and how it devastated her parents, I knew when I read the script that it would be a great role to play. I really took this role seriously and I had a great time with the amazing crew, we had a lot of fun together and lived very moving moments too. I think the couple I play with Frédérique Dupré onscreen is very similar to couples who might have gone through the same tragedy. Indeed, in the story, years go by and they don’t know where their daughter might be or if she is still alive. As a consequence, the couple is slowly falling apart and Claire is a woman and a mother completely destroyed and overwhelmed by her despair , when she has the face the absence and the emptiness. No matter how loving Vincent is, all his efforts won’t be able to ease her pain…This role of father and husband, who is struggling to save his relationship and his wife was one of the most beautiful I was able to play, thanks to the strong emotion of the story . Erik will also star in the second short movie of Antonio called 19 next to Frédérique Dupré.


19, Éloïse
Erik Chantry