Main actors : Yannick Guiraud
Written by: Antonio Petrone
Directed by: Antonio Petrone
Year of filming:2019 (en production)
Country of filming: France, Suisse.

Plot summary

In the aftermath of an inexplicable worldwide tragedy that remains without answers, Paul, a survivor, wanders day after day, looking for food, a place to hide and for other survivors. He tries to find the best solution in a world that has become meaningless and deprived of any trust and normality.

He has no idea, that apart from this, he will have to survive something else…

The author's note

This is my first time directing a web series that revolves around a subject that is worrying for many people. The numerous economic crisis, the presence of poverty, pollution, diseases and most importantly the ongoing global warming that leads to natural disasters is threatening the survival of our planet and mankind more than ever…One day, the world has we know it might come to an end and we could be forced to rely on ourselves to make it.

What will you do that day?

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