Mon Héroïne

Written by Antonio Petrone, Directed by Antonio Petrone, France, 2021, Currently in writing

Plot summary

All her life, Rose has had to face a life she never chose. With a sensitive and sweet character, she has never been able to step up and be confident. Because she lacked certain strength of character and because she was not strong enough, all the events in her life will be a heavy burden to bear.

In her childhood, with a tyrannical father who will hurt her and a fragile health, Rose will never be very lucky. Later, when she meets the father of her children, he will never manage to make her happy neither.

The day her children were born, she finds some happiness and hope again. They will be her strength and her courage until she passes away in July 2009 , after battling cancer.

The author's note

This first full length-movie means a lot to me, and even more since it tells the story of my mother, a wonderful woman with a big heart and who aside from her health problems, which were a burden in her life, never actually had the life she deserved.

This full-length movie is a tribute to the woman who gave me life. Without her, I could not be the person I am today.

She knew how passionate I was about writing and directing since I was a kid and was my number one fan. Even though she failed to make her dream come true, to be an actress, she gave me all of her support.

This is dedicated to you mommy…

Mon Héroïne